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CSCEPVP: Cyber Sleuth Battle Sim

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Welcome to the exciting world of Digimon Cyber Sleuth PvP! Dive into thrilling battles with players from around the globe in this online web app created by a dedicated solo developer. With a passion for coding and a love for the game, I am working tirelessly to bring you a free and accessible platform where you can showcase your skills and compete in epic Digimon battles. Stay tuned for updates as I continue to enhance the gaming experience for all Digimon enthusiasts. Join me on this adventure and let's make Digimon Cyber Sleuth PvP the ultimate gaming destination! -ChatGPT

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A Note From the Developer - Mar 01, 2024

I embarked on this project because I believe that Cyber Sleuth has the best PVP of any RPG game that I've ever played, and potentially the best PVP of any game I've ever played. Skillful PVP is very important to me, as I have a history with playing FPSs, RTSs, and TCGs, and I have always valued a game which lets a talented player express themselves and thrive due to their abilities, rather than having outcomes of a game be determined by forces out of their control.

With the Nintendo Switch (being this game's most popular scene) now nearing 8 years of age, it's clear that someday the official servers won't exist for players to play Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition's spectacularly balanced and thoroughly skill-intensive PVP. Additionally, it can be difficult to onboard new players to a PVP which mandates that you complete two 40-hour JRPG games just to have access to all of the tools necessary to succeed in PVP. Of course, CSCE is much more user-friendly than its competition, but even 40 hours is too much.

I want to see the best of the best battle worldwide, I want players to be able to challenge each other regardless of which console they play on, and I want to see anyone be able to hop into a game at any time with as little of a barrier to entry as possible. This is why I've dedicated most of my free time for the last year, and will continue to do so for the next year or so, to bring to the world this website. I work a full-time job and have commitments on the weekend so I'm only able to contribute about an hour or two of my time each day, and tend to try to work for about 4 to 5 hours on my days off, which are few in number.

It is because of this that my timeframe for completeing the CSCEPVP Sim is aproximately 2 years (Fall 2025). Until then, I'd invite interested players to join the discord where they can keep up to date with new developments for the sim, and can contribute their ideas to its creation. I will prioritize functionality over presentation for the time being, as I'd rather at the very least have a battle sim with no stylization than no battle sim, but presentation will be a focus down the road.

First I will prioritize the ability for players to play the game, then I will add many more features down the line, such as an improved ranked system with a refreshing ladder and cosmetic unlockables for user accounts, customizable user pages to share CSCE content and display achievements, and eventually, a learning AI that can help push the metagame for CSCEPVP further beyond the human limit, which I believe is something that this uniquely deep PVP metagame makes possible, should we only reach for it.

I'm primarily interested in philosophy, science, and programming, so I'm not really great at writing corporate-speak style explanatory articles, and as such I don't really have the words to write the kind of ending to a sort of statement that this is that people would expect to see. So just pretend I said them here. I don't want to use chatGPT again because I don't want to give the impression that I'm using AI to write any code for this website. You can tell from how messy the code is that I wrote it, I write everything from scratch and I always do.